A PRO version will be available soon (payment required) which will be able to give you many additional options. Just to get an idea of what’s coming up next, here are some of the features:

  1. Additional number of vehicles per user and installation in more devices.
  2. Panic Button. With GPS use to send information (e.g. your exact location) to selected users or a driver’s assistance company.
  3. Multiple messaging to many vehicles.
  4. Find My Car Button. With GPS use to find a parked or a moving vehicle.
  5. Use of “Dangerous Driving” (How’s my driving?)
  6. Use of more drivers per license plate.

The PRO version, with all the extra features and benefits that provides, will become the ideal and necessary working tool for all professionals in the field of transport, vehicle rental, etc. We are certain that you will find it extremely helpful.


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