The use of application is very simple! First of all, you need to make your Registration to the service. And to do this, it’s necessary to provide the license plate of your vehicle, a User Name, a Password and an Email.

  • Once you download PL8 on your device, choose: Not a user? Register!
  • The license plate (digits and letters, without symbols) and username are necessary and will be needed for your communication with other registered users.
  • Your Password must be at least 8 characters long and consist of letters and numbers, for your own safety.
  • On your Email address you will receive notifications of new messages. We will also need it to activate the account and just in case you forget your password. It is not visible to other users and will not be used for any other purpose!
  • Any other information is optional and visible only to other users who will send you a message.
  • – Once you finish with your registration, you are ready!

Open PL8, log in and select the “Remember Me” option, to stay connected.

To send a new message, select from the menu: SEARCH. Enter the desired license plate of the vehicle (digits and letters, without symbols) and press SEARCH. If the other driver is already registered too, a window will appear in which you can write your message (140 characters maximum). Press SEND. That’s all! Your message has been sent!

If you receive a new message, the MESSAGES icon on the HOMEPAGE is converted into a sealed envelope and you will simultaneously receive an informative email.

In MESSAGES, you can see all your conversations. In case there is an unread message, you are notified by a red box with the number of messages (it appears next to sender).

To talk with someone from MESSAGES section, select any conversation you want, type your message at the bottom of the screen (up to 140 characters) and press SEND.

From MESSAGES section, you can also delete a conversation or block any user. Simply select DELETE or BLOCK from the menu under each discussion.

In case you want to unblock someone, choose from the MENU the option BLOCKED USERS and unblock the user you want.

Η Furthermore, PL8 has a SCORE option.

From RATING menu, you can navigate to the ranking page. Type the vehicle’s license plate you want and then select the GREEN LIGHT for a positive vote or the RED LIGHT for a negative vote. (If the user is not registered you will receive an error message).

On the same page we can see the TOP 10 users with positive votes. Each month the best driver will be rewarded by our sponsors! But we always have to play fair! We can vote a license plate once every three months!

But we always have to play fair! We can vote a license plate once every three months!

You can update or change your profile anytime you want to through EDIT MY PROFILE.

In case you forget your password, select on the SIGN IN screen the option “Forgot your password?” and write the email, which you used upon Registration. You will receive in your email a password recovery link.

By choosing NEWS you can be informed about all PL8’s news!

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