Imagine a way in which all vehicle owners could communicate with each other. A way that would allow each driver to make contact with the driver he saw on the street. And this to be done free of charge and without disclosing any personal information. The application that makes that possible is ready to use!


PL8 is an innovative and unique application!

Based entirely in keeping safe your privacy status, it plays an important role in the safety of your transportation and your property. The data required for its use is the license plate of your vehicle and a username. The e-mail address is used only for the recovery password (and any other personal information that may be provided when you register). Once you complete your registration you will get in contact with any other registered user you wish.


You only need to fill in the search area, the vehicle’s license plate of the driver that you want to get in touch. That’s it! An instant message is received by the vehicle owner, who will be able to answer you!

Think about it for a while…

How many times have you been “blocked” by another car and not being able to leave your parking area? How long did it take you to leave? When did the driver come to remove his vehicle and un-block your car? With a simple, direct and free way, you can now inform him that his vehicle is blocking your exit!

How many times did you leave a car window open? You can save yourself from such “unpleasant” surprises because someone will send you a message and notify you of your mistake!

Did you see the future “love of your” life waiting in a car at a red light; Do not miss the opportunity to make the first step by sending him/her a message!

PL8 is your co-driver!


The application is user friendly and with zero cost, so it can help you and encourage you to help others!

  • You will avoid a parking ticket for illegal parking.
  • You will not damage your car battery by leaving your lights or your alarm lights on.
  • You can advise another driver for a possible damage of his property.

PL8, however, does not end here! With monthly contests, reward system for the best driver based on score by other users and many more surprises, PL8 is here to stay and above all, to improve all traveling conditions for all of us!

PL8 | Your driving mate | One idea, unlimited potential